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The Magic Hour Success Stories
Caroline G. AGE 43I re-defined my business goals and grew my business…

The Magic Hour has been huge for me because I have started a new company and a lot of that involves sitting down and seeing where I want to be both in just a few months, a year, or further down the road. Taking the time to meditate and visualize every day has really allowed me to plan some specific things for me in terms of business, family, relationships, etc. As I'm seeing the results I move onto the next step and building momentum.

RYAN B. AGE 34I started a company and got published…

Because of The Magic Hour I almost got rid off my “love handles” and I increased the size of my biceps. Also, during TMH I launched my business, got a lot of press, and a lot of publicity. I was able to get into the San Francisco Business Times, Forbes, and a publication called Nature. Because of meditation and visualization I was able to stay focused which is vital as an entrepreneur.

JESSICA C. AGE 35I felt more confident and started dating again…

As a result of The Magic Hour I have re-energized my dreams of doing gardening/landscaping for work. I have felt more confident putting myself out there on the dating scene. I feel like the world is conspiring in my favor... serendipitous meetings, and new collaborations. Life feels charmed in a way it has not in a very long time.

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